The SC product line has rede­fined expectations for note acceptors by improving acceptance rates, jam rates, security and the cost of operation. The reliability that has resulted in an installed base of more than 1.5 million units worldwide is now the engine that drives a two-denomination recycler engineered to further reduce the costs associated with cash management. SCR leverages multiple CPI technologies to offer newfound bene­fits – the proven performance associated with the SC architecture along with seasoned recycling mechanics developed for the VNR and BNR. The merging of these technologies now opens a world of possibilities for the market segments CPI serves.


Key features:

  • Cash Recycling: Cash that is accepted as payment is recycled by the machine for use as change, reducing the amount of coins in your customer’s pockets.
  • Customer Convenience: Cash transactions are completed quickly and conveniently, providing an important customer service benefit to parking patrons.
  • Locked Modules: Locked cash collection modules eliminate the risk of theft. When full, the modules are removed and transported to a counting room, where they can be unlocked and emptied. No one can gain access to the cash without authorization.
  • Small Footprint: The SCR can easily be incorporated into new or existing access and revenue control equipment.
  • Low Cost: The SCR is much less expensive to install than traditional cash payment solutions, and internal sensors monitor the volume of cash and notify parking managers when the unit is full, thus eliminating the cost and inconvenience of having staff visit machines daily to collect cash.


Acceptance Rate        

  • 98% or greater

Note Memory Capacity         

  • Up to 100 notes, four ways

Note Dimensions     

  • 62mm–83mm width
  • 120mm–166mm length

Transaction Speed      

  • As low as 2.3 seconds to recycle
  • As low as 1.4 seconds to dispense


  • RS232/USB


  • Recycling EBDS (REBDS)

Power Supply 

  • 24VDC + 10%
  • Standby: 10W max
  • Accepting: 30W max
  • Stacking: 125W max


  • Operating Temperature: 0°C–60°C
  • Storage Temperature: -30°C–70°C
  • Humidity: 5–95% relative humidity

Product Weight      

  • 7.57 kg (16.69 lbs)
  • 9.33 kg (20.56 lbs) packaged